High-intensity interval training has built a reputation as a great fat buster and physique shaper for a lot of health and gym enthusiasts. However, beyond the quick workouts and great results, there are other ways that you can benefit from HIIT.


Whether you are thinking of using this routine as a start-up towards a more specific and targeted exercise regimen or if you want to combine this with other training methods, HIIT may have other benefits for you. Specifically, you may be looking at a leaner, faster, and healthier you once you get into high gear with HIIT.

Build Muscle Tone

There is a difference between building muscle and toning them. When doing interval training, you can expect to get more of the latter. HIIT exposes you to intense activities and exercises for bursts of time, interspersed with rest or less intense workouts.


However, in every intense session, HIIT engages muscle groups to promote sweating and increase heart rate. Even simple movements like burpees, planks, squats, and mountain climbers can leave you breathless even in short intervals or a few reps can already leave you breathless.


When engaging in these workouts, you get to use specific muscles repeatedly and intensely. Even if it is just for a few seconds, these bursts of usage can tone muscle. If you also want to build muscle, interval training needs to be paired with other muscle-building exercises for better results.

Improve Speed

Intensity can also translate to speed, especially when done in the context of a repetitive workout. What makes interval training unique is that it requires every exercise to be done with intensity for each round. This pushes the body to exert effort and use the energy in the muscles.


For instance, sprint interval training requires you to exert maximal effort for 10 to 30 seconds. This will be repeated over a specific rep count. This trains your body to achieve a specific speed in short bursts.


While the goal of interspersing different speeds is to promote fat burn, pushing one’s body to maximum capability encourages you to experience your maximal speed. Increasing speed is a process that requires repetition. By experiencing your peak sprint, you get a taste of the speed you can reach, and even push you to go further faster

Increase Cardiovascular Efficiency and Endurance

Increasing heart rate is one of the main goals of interval training. By elevating your heart rate in a seesaw manner, you are essentially training your heart towards a healthier disposition


As with any exercise, the results will get better as your fitness improves. The more you are able to push harder and last longer, the more you train your endurance. Your body experiences just how much effort it can exert before feeling tired. By doing this repetitively and without resting too much to level your heart rate, you are challenging your body to go one step higher each time.


Start up your HIIT regimen so you can get all of these benefits and more. Sign up with EPIC Interval Training and have a specific workout program that matches your level of fitness.