Kettle bells are my favorite toy! They are the most versatile training tools in the shed by my standards. Over the years I have done tons of research and self-experimentation to get more connected with my beloved kettle bells, below is a list of some obscure ways that you can enjoy your kettle bells going into the new year.
  • Kettle bell juggling- this is a pretty extreme sport that takes a lot of courage and conditioning to be a part of. It originated from strongmen and circus acts to display an ultimate level of strength and skill, it truly demands both. An easy way to get started is by practicing a Russian swing and adding a bell flip at the top. This is simpler then it seems but beware of your toes in the learning stages. Google kettle bell juggling when you get a chance, it is an amazing site.
  • Kettle bell meditation- this is something that I created on my own, it might sound weird but it’s totally awesome when you get into it. Pick a few positions that you like to meditate in and find a creative way to hold a kettle bell while doing it. This will definitely test your strength, however the real test is trying to ignore the bell while focusing on your breathing. I love both kettle bells and meditation so it’s a match made in heaven. My favorite entry level is the goblet squat position, hold the bell while driving your elbows into you the inside of your legs to create an open stretch. Continue to focus on the breathing, lengthening your spine and avoid shifting around. Good luck
  • Kettle bell balance- balance is the most neglected aspect of training across the board. I can’t remember the last time I walked into a fitness class where I actually had to focus on balancing myself to complete the class, sounds silly but the world is a balancing act every which way you look at it (especially if you’re wearing high heels.) By using the handle or the flat side of a kettle bell you can create a very narrow ledge to practice balance-based movements. Some of my favorites are single leg dead lifts or single leg kettle bell rows. The more advanced movements are pistol squats or explosive lunges. It’s good to test your fitness to the next level by using simple things like balance, it will have a very rewarding outcome on the field if given enough time to grow.
  • Kettle bell mashing- I’m sure you all have heard of foam rolling, think of foam rolling with a kettle bell. The kettle bell is combination of a torture devise and an extremely hardened foam roller. My favorite ways to use this method is by placing my calves onto of the handle and slowing rolling out the sides or lower portion of my Achilles tendon. It is brutal way to get the job done!