8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

In today’s world we are busy, stressed and have limited free time. Yet, we all want to be fit and healthy. This is exactly why High Intensity Interval Training. (HIIT) needs to be part of your regular workout routine. The main goal of any exercise program is to burn calories and build muscle. This is exactly what HIIT delivers in half the time of a standard workout by utilizing high intensity workouts. Since spare time is a luxury for many of us, take a look at how HIIT can benefit you. So, what are the benefits of HIIT? The following is a list that explains why HIIT works and is the future of exercise.

1. HIIT Is Highly Efficient

Current research shows that you can achieve more progress in 15 minutes of HIIT three times a week than a person jogging on the treadmill for one hour. That means you’ll get the maximum benefits out of minimum time. Who doesn’t want that?

2. HIIT Burns More Fat

The intense exertion of HIIT kicks your body into hyperdrive. What that means is in the 24 hours after your workout you will burn more fat and calories than a regular workout. So even when you are resting, you’ll be working toward your dream figure.

3. HIIT Supports Heart Health

When you push your heart to a higher BMP, you achieve the same cardio benefits as a longer exercise and your heart will get into better shape. An added benefit to this is that you reduce the risk of heart problems later in life. Plus, all that cardio will help you burn off the stress that can also lead to heart issues.

4. HIIT Does Not Require Expensive Exercise Equipment

Instead of equipment you are using running, biking, and jumping rope. High knees, lunges to increase your power by pushing your heart to its max. These are all exercises you can do without breaking the bank.

5. HIIT Helps You Lose Weight, Not Muscle

We all know it is really hard to diet and not lose muscle. Studies are indicating that a slow, steady, cardio workout can actually burn muscle as well, With HIIT, most of the weight loss comes from fat stores.

6. HIIT Increases Your Metabolism

HIIT stimulates your human growth hormone (HGH) approximately 450%, for the next 24 hours after you work out. This not only increases the amount of fat burned but also slows down the aging process. Who doesn’t want to look younger and feel better?

7. HIIT Can Be Done Anywhere

This simple concept of going at maximum effort for a short period of time, then a recovery period, and then repeating can be adapted to the time and space you have in your life to exercise. It’s ideal for busy professionals and parents. It’s also a great workout for people who travel a lot but want to stay on their routine.


8. HITT Is Challenging

HIIT is definitely not an exercise you can do while reading a book or chatting with a friend. You will be working hard in a short period of time. It is really amazing what your body can do for a short period of time instead of a long, sustained exercise


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