Did you know that interval training can not only be more beneficial for seniors but according to AARP but can actually rejuvenate your cells and reverse the signs of aging? While many people think that interval training is only for those diehard exercise fanatics, interval training can work for all ages. If you’re a senior looking for a fun and healthy new workout, consider trying interval training.

What Is Interval Training?

Interval training consists of short, intense bouts of activity with short recovery periods which you can do with almost any activity. For example, if you like to go on the treadmill you would go at it hard for 20 seconds and then walk for one minute. You would keep alternating for about 20 minutes. By varying the intensity, you can reap maximum results in a short amount of time. Most interval training lasts less than 30 minutes.

How to Interval Train Safely

The key to interval training for seniors is not if it is right for your age, it is what your current level of conditioning is. Your best option to make sure you are training correctly and for your physical condition is to obtain a consultation or services of a personal training This is especially important in the beginning. One simple and beneficial method of interval training is walking up and down hills on the treadmill. Using a stationary bike is excellent for those with knee replacement surgery.

Health Benefits Of Interval Training For Seniors

For seniors who have decided to incorporate interval training there are a lot of health benefits. We have listed some of the benefits below.

  1. Reversing of Muscular Decline:

According to the Mayo clinic study conducted on males and females over the age of 64, interval training experience an increase in the health of their mitochondria, which is responsible for creating energy within cells. So with interval training you can actually slow the decline in muscular health that comes from aging.

  1. Memory Improvement:

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience of 95 senior patients showed that in only 6 weeks of interval training, all participants demonstrated improved recall. The researchers found that there was an increase in the protein that aids in brain cells growth.

  1. Improved Lung Health:

Studies on exercise and its effect on the lungs show that interval training improves the cardio and respiratory health in older adults. Interval training has been shown to be very beneficial for those who have had a stroke as it helps your heart and lungs get oxygen to your muscles.

  1. Lowering Glucose Levels:

Many seniors suffer from type II diabetes and managing it can be tricky, however interval training can help you gain control of this metabolic disease. Researchers in Denmark and Finland have found that in 12 weeks of interval training the test subjects demonstrated a more controlled blood sugar levels. It was also demonstrated that it was more effective than other forms of exercise.

These are just some of the health benefits of interval training. At Epic Interval Training, we work with all ages and fitness levels. We reprogram our workouts every four weeks to help you with your progress and prevent boredom. No matter what your age and fitness level we can help you obtain your fitness and health goals. Give us a call to start a new journey to health!