The holidays are coming in Washington, DC, and it’s time you start preparing with High Intensity Interval Training. 

The holiday season for many is an opportunity to gather with friends and family for festivities. Many of which include food, and leisure. You know what’s coming, so why not go into the holiday season prepared. Want to have fun during the holidays and take care of your body? Check out our list of reasons you’ll love HIIT these next coming months. 


Goal Maintenance with HIIT



Whether you’re trying to maintain your weight or gains, high-intensity interval training can help. By committing yourself to a weekly HIIT program you’re setting your body up to combat the fall/winter slump. It’s important to maintain your momentum and motivation throughout the year, including the holiday season.  No matter your fitness level, you can benefit from High Intensity Interval Training.


Balanced Quality of Life

It’s important to enjoy yourself, but also hold yourself accountable. That’s what HIIT training can do for you. You’ll be able to sweat and maybe even sneak in a sweet. Along the way, your instructor will also be a key motivator. Life will always present obstacles, but with a fitness regimen, you’ll be able to balance it all.  


Guilt-Free With HIIT



Nobody likes the feeling of guilt. The knot in your stomach that says “you should have worked out today,” or “you didn’t need that piece of candy.” When you join a HIIT fitness training class you’ll be too busy producing optimum results to even know the word guild exists.  


Train Epic Today!

At Epic Interval Training, we provide Washington D.C. area residents with programs and classes that can help them succeed.  As a result, your goals are our goals, and we’re prepared to help make them happen, as long as you put the work in. Ensure you have an Epic holiday season by booking your class or contacting us today.