The holidays bring festivities and with that comes the feast. Everyone usually drops the diet during these winter months, but then you might realize that in just a few months, summer will be here.


Get that beach bod ready again by the time you need to hit the beach. Instead of going with the latest diet trend or fad for quick weight loss, try out interval training. Here are the ways by which interval training can benefit you.

Burn Belly Fat

Christmas presents most people with a common gift: the blessing of a full and rounded belly. As good as the food was during the holidays, it’s best to deal with belly fat as quickly as possible.


High intensity interval training is more effective than other workouts such as cardio because it involves muscle building. Burning calories comes with building muscle, and this comes with the added benefit of having a leaner frame and a fitter disposition. 


Replacing fat with muscle may not help make your weight lower–after all, muscle is heavier than fat–but it can make a difference in how you look and feel. Being fitter and leaner can give you confidence, especially when belly fat gets replaced with toned abs.

Burn More Without Spending More Time

One factor that can defeat your motivation to exercise is the lack of time to do it. After the holidays, most professionals are hit with deadlines that have been set back for the celebrations. Thus, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal because of the harsh reality of the daily grind.


With interval training, you can burn more calories without spending more time on the actual exercise. You can burn more calories in just 20 minutes of workout. What’s more, because of the short time it takes to complete an interval training workout, it is more feasible to do this more times a week for better results.

Increase Your Metabolism

Building muscle results in higher metabolism, and there are specific workouts that can contribute to this. For instance, high intensity weight training can increase post-exercise oxygen consumption to elevate your metabolism even after hours of training. 


Think of it this way: the more muscle you have, the more likely you will burn calories even when you are not working out in the gym. This is a win win for the short time that you do interval training.


Interval training does this by disturbing the metabolism and varying its activation. Even after the workout, you are still burning calories. Part of this benefit is that it develops your cardiovascular fitness compared to other training methods. By increasing the maximal volume of oxygen, interval training is the perfect workout method to also improve performance and agility.


Skip the droll workouts and hit the book a class with EPIC Interval Training. If you have not yet experienced interval training, make it a goal to discover this new exercise routine and make it a habit to build muscle and achieve a body you can be confident with without sacrificing your health.